Google open sources TensorFlow, its machine learning system


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Google uses machine learning system in many of its apps, from speech recognition, to Smart Reply in Inbox app, or search in Google Photos. Google calls this system TensorFlow, and the company has announced that it is open sourcing it. Google claims TensorFlow is a highly scalable machine learning system, that can run on a single smartphone or across thousands of computers in data centers. Other than machine learning tasks, it can be used for other operations that require processing a lot of complex data, such as protein folding or astronomy data. With TensorFlow now being open source, researchers, engineers, or hobbyists can now have access to one of the best machine learning systems out there for their own projects, and can contribute back to the community so that the system gets even better, which is what Google's primary objective is as it believes TensorFlow can get a lot better with help from outside of...