Google reportedly working on a premium Google Home with stereo speakers

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The Google Home Max is expected to offer a more premium design and higher-end audio, but we aren't entirely sure when it'll be released.

Amazon had a field day yesterday with a slew of new Alexa-enabled smart gadgets. And while all of that new tech admittedly looks quite nice, Google is also expected to release some new Google Assistant hardware in just a few days.

We've already seen images of the Google Home Mini that should be announced alongside the Pixel 2 next week, and a new report now suggests that Google is also working on a Google Home Max.

Where the Mini is a smaller and cheaper version of the regular Google Home, the Max (name not final) is expected to be a higher-end model with a premium design and better audio quality. The Google Home Max should come equipped with stereo speakers, and along with this, we can also expect two mid-range drivers and possibly a tweeter for powerful and punchy tunes.

A source familiar with the Max says that the gadget was shown off by Google to a focus group earlier in the year, and while this does suggest that the Max is well along in its development, there's still no confirmation as to whether or not it will make an appearance at the Pixel 2 event on October 4.

We saw the Google Assistant make its way to a lot of third-party home speaker solutions at IFA in August, and while some of these will likely offer a better audio experience than the current Google Home, we're still very interested to see what a high-end version of the Home from Google itself will look like.

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