Halfbrick Teases New Augmented Reality Thriller 'Shadows Remain' with Great New Trailer


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
When you think of Australian developer Halfbrick, you probably think of slashing fruit in Fruit Ninja, playing as the bad ass Barry Steakfries in one of his many games, or typically colorful and upbeat arcade-style titles. It's really what they're most known for. Today the company is teasing its newest upcoming mobile game, and it's totally out of character for them in the best way possible. The new game is called Shadows Remain, and they describe it as an augmented reality thriller. No real gameplay is shown in the teaser but it sets an incredible mood.

Am I the only one old enough to have expected a "They're heeeeere!" as the camera zoomed into that television? While it's not totally clear how augmented reality plays a role in Shadows Remain, the game is described as follows: "Using Augmented Reality technology, Shadows Remain blurs the line between mobile gaming and the real world. This innovative take on the Hidden Object genre will have players physically interacting with beautifully rendered 3D environments, perspective-based puzzles, and deceptive illusions. Through this inventive design, Shadows Remain weaves an engrossing story across various, distinctive time periods as you track down your missing son." Whatever the heck Shadows Remain is, it sounds really interesting, so we'll keep an eye on this one and bring you more news as it's available.

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