'Hanger World' Getting a Level Editor Soon, Check Out the Preview Video


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Dec 22, 2015
Good news for fans of Hanger World [Free], as developer A Small Game is currently testing a level editor tool that they plan to release as an update for the game. As you may know, Hanger Worlds is a rope-swinging game with wacky ragdoll physics and character dismemberment, which sounds like a horror movie except that it's hard to take very seriously with the construction paper doll-like characters in the game. Your goal is to swing through each level avoiding hazards as much as possible, since when you run into something chances are pretty good that a leg or arm might just pop off. It's actually possible to complete levels with nothing but an arm and a head, though I doubt your character's quality of life after that victory will be that great missing most of their body. Anyway, Hanger Worlds is challenging, silly, and a lot of fun, and the type of game that's perfect for a level editor. Check out how simple the editor is to use in this early preview video.

If you aren't familiar with the Hanger series, they started life as Flash games several years back before coming to iOS with the original Hanger [Free] in 2012. While the original game is still incredibly fun, it was Hanger Worlds which launched in July of last year that really felt like a major step up for the series in terms of more complex mechanics and level designs, and it seemed like it was built with long-term support in mind. This level editor is proof of that, and it'll be awesome to have an entire community able to create and share their various level creations. You can check out this post in our forum for a few previews of levels created by folks in the beta, and can inquire about getting in on the beta experience yourself if interested. Otherwise look for the level editor to arrive as an update to Hanger Worlds in the near future.

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