Happymagenta's Endless Arcade Maze Game 'Tomb of the Mask' Hits the App Store Next Week


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Tomb of the Mask was revealed on our forums in early December of last year, and like any game that is able to succinctly show me exactly what you do solely in animated gifs, it's been glued to my radar ever since. As mentioned in the thread, Tomb of the Mask is a procedurally generated vertical maze game that looks a lot like Downwell [$2.99] meets The Last Rocket [$1.99]. That's a combination that has me super-stoked. Here, just check out the .gifs:

We posted about it when it was announced, but today's news includes a release date of next week. I'm always down for a fast-paced endless game with some great looking pixel art, so you better believe that Tomb of the Mask is going to be on my iPhone as soon as it's available.

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