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One $800 phone with extra lag, please.

In our initial review of the LG V30, we came away from the phone feeling quite impressed. Our own Alex Dobie praised the V30 for its sleek design, great cameras, high-quality DAC, and buttery smooth performance. However, now that the V30 is available to purchase in the U.S. and customers are starting to get hands-on time with the phone, some conflicting thoughts are starting to pop up.

Although most everyone seems to be onboard with the V30 from a hardware stance, the performance of the software has left some scratching their hands as to whether or not LG's latest flagship is worth the cash.

Here's what some users in our forums had to say.

10-15-2017 08:32 PM

very lagy, and a tad buggy too. I will be purchasing the pixel xl2 tomorrow, I got used to fast phones with the pixel XL and oneplus 5. I wanted to like it, but I just cant handle the lag. guess I will return it and keep my upgrade open for something else down the line. Ive installed nova prime, and turned off annimations via developer options. Neither has helped. Ive even favtory reset the...


10-13-2017 12:20 AM

Yes this is true I have the v30 and it got very laggy. Something with the software isn't right, compared to my Pixel or OP5 it's not even close in speed. Could be the AT&T bloat and maybe the unlocked version would be fine but idk. I'm going to try a hard reset tomorrow but something tells me it's LGs software.


10-13-2017 07:43 PM

Same here with T-Mobile model, not the smoothest phone I have used recently. Just because of this I can't wait for my Pixel 2 XL to arrive. I think I will return it to TMobile early next week.


Running into lag on a brand-new phone is never fun, but thankfully, not everyone seems to be having this issue.

10-13-2017 04:41 AM

I have to say, I played with both 2 XL and V30 yesterday for about an hour at a Verizon store, and did not notice any lag on the V30. I was specifically testing for that too, as I can't stand lag (returned Note 7 due to lag, before the recall). They were not next to each other, but I went back and forth few times, and couldn't tell a difference.


10-13-2017 11:29 AM

I've had mine since Monday and it's all loaded up with my apps. The first couple of days it seemed a bit laggy, but since then, it's been flying. No lag whatsoever. Break it in.


If you've had any hands-on time with the LG V30, we want to know – have you experienced any lag on the phone?

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