How to download ROM's And ROM Hacks For Your Emulator('s)!


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Hey guys welcome to a easy tutorial.
Seriously If you can't do this how did you even get this far xD!
Okay Right On To Some Point Blank Stuff!


ROMs and emulators could be illegal on some country's or on the system your running.
If your using a ROM on a console then remember to run it offline to protect yourself from getting banned.
Remember running ROMs may be cool and all just make sure not to download virus's or your screwed!


1. Find a emulator you will be downloading games on. [Skip to #3 If you did this already]

2. Have a file explorer on your device or simply do it via usb cable and enable usb debugging.

3. Look online for ROMs; sites that are legit
Please, Log in or Register to view URLs content!
Please, Log in or Register to view URLs content!

*Optional Helps You Find ROMs Without Losing Them.

*4. Create a system folder. (do this on your pc or on a file exploring app)

*5. Move the ROM you downloaded to the folder.

*6. Go Onto your app and set the default folder for ROMs to your folder. (e.g. SNES)

7. Click on your game for your desired app

8. Load and enjoy!


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