HTC's financial situation continues to drag the company through the red

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It's common knowledge that HTC is in trouble. The manufacturer is struggling against competition and falling smartphone sales, but the company is set to endure many more months of hardship if today's financial report is anything to go by. HTC managed to wrap up Q4 2015 with a net loss of NT$3.4 billion ($101 million). It's better than both Q2 ($252 million loss) and Q3 ($139 million loss), but the company still has another $100 million to get through before the company hits the black.

That said, things are improving, albeit relatively slowly. The company took the time to talk about its Desire and One line of products, boasting how the A9 was well received across Asia, the U.S. and Europe. HTC has also undergone "realignment", laying off staff and restructuring the company which also contributed to this quarter's report looking ever-so-slightly less bleak.

Cher Wang, Chairwoman and CEO of HTC, commented on the earnings report:

"Leveraging our core strengths of design, engineering and manufacturing excellence, our evolution into virtual reality and connected devices has positioned us as innovation leader in each sector. We are fully confident in delivering on our promise to enable consumers to pursue their own brilliance across all of our product groups."

Moving into 2016, HTC has poured more funds and effort into increasing marketing efforts, as well as ramping up developments around the Vive virtual reality platform. The company still has a troublesome year ahead, but we'll have to hold out to see how its VR venture and other projects play their part in helping HTC turn itself around.

View HTC's Q4 report in full (PDF)

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