Huawei G8 battery life test


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It is often times hard to escape from the shadow of your sibling - this is especially true for a lot of budget-friendly handsets nowadays that are specifically intended to be a more-affordable substitute for their bigger brothers. The Huawei G8 that we recently reviewed finds itself in precisely this position. It is hard not to compare it to the Mate S and the G8 doesn't have too many arguments there. But, although the G8 is objectively inferior to the Mate S in almost every way, there is still one department where the budget-friendly model managed to best its flagship counterpart and that is battery life. The Huawei G8 makes much better use of its 3000 mAh battery pack than the Mate S manages with its 2700 mAh one. The G8's slightly thicker body might not be to everybody's liking, but it did allow for that extra 300 mAh to be fitted and definitely contributed towards there respectable 70 hours endurance rating that it scored. Seeing how the G8 is a dual-SIM device, you can also get 69 hours with a pair of network connections and 71 hours with only one, which is an impressive 9 to 11 hours more than the Mate S. It is also worth noting that the Mate S also has the benefit of a more power-efficient AMOLED panel, which means that the bulk of the superior battery performance can be attributed to a more efficient chipset (the Snapdragon 615 in this case) and also better power management. Breaking the score down to its components, we find an impressive talk time of almost 28 hours. That is probably the one aspect in which the G8 treads in true flagship territory better than its high-end sibling - the Mate S. It is a huge difference between the two - and it might be a big deal if you still tend to use your phone to talk more than anything else. However, there is note to be made here - sadly, the G8 exhibited rather pool sound quality during our call test. JRGRAPH_EXPANDABLE_VERSION = true;.jrGraphContainer { background: none !important; border-bottom: 1px solid #eee !important;}.jrGraph { padding-left: 0 !important; left: 96px !important;} Talk time Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 LTE 46:44h Lenovo Vibe Z2 Pro 33:20h Huawei Ascend Mate2 4G 33:19h Oppo R7 Plus 30:46h OnePlus 2 30:29h Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ 30:29h Motorola DROID Turbo 30:09h Microsoft Lumia 640 XL LTE 29:46h Microsoft Lumia 640 XL 29:46h Microsoft Lumia 640 XL Dual SIM 29:46h Microsoft Lumia 640 XL LTE Dual SIM 29:46h Nokia Lumia 1520 28:34h Samsung Galaxy Note5 28:34h HTC One (M8) for Windows 28:34h Samsung Galaxy Note 4 28:31h Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet LTE 28:25h Sony Xperia Z5 Compact 28:23h Huawei G8 27:44h Huawei G8 27:44h Samsung Galaxy S5 27:37h Sony Xperia Z1 26:53h Samsung Galaxy S6 active 26:29h Motorola Moto X Play 26:28h Samsung P6800 Galaxy Tab 7.7 25:45h LG G3 25:38h LG G Pro 2 25:37h LG G Flex 25:19h Sony Xperia T2 Ultra 25:16h LG G2 25:15h Samsung Galaxy A7 25:12h Samsung Galaxy A7 Duos 25:12h Huawei Ascend Mate 25:12h BlackBerry Passport 25:12h Motorola Nexus 6 25:03h Samsung Galaxy A8 Duos 25:02h Alcatel Hero 25:02h Samsung Galaxy A8 25:02h Oppo N1 25:01h Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo 24:52h Sony Xperia Z Ultra 24:23h Oppo R7s 24:03h Apple iPhone 6 Plus 23:49h LG AKA 23:20h Sony Xperia Z3 23:13h Meizu PRO 5 23:10h Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE Dual SIM 23:09h Microsoft Lumia 640 LTE 23:09h Microsoft Lumia 640 Dual SIM 23:09h Oppo R7 22:58h Samsung P6200 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus 22:42h Motorola Moto E (2nd gen) 22:36h Motorola Moto...