I used E3 to take a very public crash course in 'Arms'


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In hindsight, this was a bad idea. I'm rubbish at almost every kind of competitive, multiplayer game, and motion controls are a waggling "am I doing this right?" nightmare. Still, at E3, I couldn't resist the chance to try Arms, the spring-loaded boxing game for the Nintendo Switch. So I recruited my handsome colleague (and Arms player extraordinaire) Sean Buckley to give me a crash course on the Engadget E3 stage. The results were, well, mixed. The game is loads of fun, and I love its cast of colorful characters, but I have to accept a harsh truth: I am absolutely dreadful.

If you want to see an Arms master ridicule and pulverize a beginner, click on the video player above. I apologize in advance for the random mess of jabs and grabs that follow.

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