Imagination holds Therminator-inspired hardware competition


GSMArena News
Time-travelling robot assassins may not have brought about the apocalypse (yet!), but they sure are entertaining to watch. Imagination (in collaboration with is running a Terminator-themed hardware competition. The goal is to create some Terminator-inspired, Creator Ci20-powered device. The Ci20 is Imagination's Raspberry Pi alternative - powered by their MIPS CPU cores and PowerVR GPUs. The top price includes a Creator Ci40, the new board that's currently being Kickstarted. Here are the prizes: 1st place (worth $400) A bag of Imagination-powered goodies, including a Meizu MX5 smartphone, the upcoming Creator Ci40 dev board and other cool accessories and add-on boards from MikroEletronika (£100) 2nd place (worth $200) A Securifi Almond router and a Creator Ci40 dev board 3rd place (worth $150) A chipKIT Wi-FIRE dev board and a Creator Ci40 dev board For inspiration, here's the entry from Alex Eastabrook. You can read his blog post for more...