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Insanity Samples Offensive Guitar KONTAKT | 840 Mb
OFFENSIVE GUITAR is a guitar library for Kontakt, designed primarily to tap into the more edgy and aggressive playing styles of the sorts of Guitarists Tom Waits might hire. The Marc Rebots of the world, the Beatnik/Punks. A playing style yet to be fully explored in the Sample world. Whilst this concept gave birth to the instrument, during production it evolved into a fully featured guitar library capable of both the rough and the smooth. To cater for all!

The instrument comprises of 2 separate patches. The MASTER patch where you will find the bulk of the library, and an FX patch, where all of the risers, ambiences, hits and plucks are found. Within the instrument's GUI there are 8 main sections:
EQ - This section has a knob for BASS, MID, TREB, PRES, and an overall VOLUME. Functioning much like the knobs on a standard hardware guitar amp.
EFFECTS - This section is basically your 'pedalboard'. With an array of cool sounding effects, the possibilities for a unique and ever modulating sound are fairly endless here!
POLY/MONO - This section acts very much like a Synthesizer in that it allow you to change from multiple notes being able to be played at a time (POLY), to only one note at a time (MONO). A useful addition when playing faster guitar solo style lines, alternatively guitar chords with POLY. THere is also an opportunity to stack the guitar voices up to 8, giving a very big and powerful sound. This can be taken to a chaotic extreme by introducing some 'detune', which will detune all of the voices away from each other... Best used for special effects, or the 'FX' patch library.
KEYSWITCHES - This section is how you move between the
different articulations of the instrument. All KeySwitches are
either clickable on the GUI and the Keyboard, from C0-D#0.
LOW PASS FILTER - This section is linked only to TREM & EBOW in the MASTER patch, but all sounds in the FX patch. Comprising of a CUTOFF slider and a RESONANCE slider to manipulate the overall sound.
ADSR ENVELOPE - This section is also only linked to the sections mentioned above. Dealing with the ATTACK, DECAY, SUSTAIN & RELEASE of these articulations/FX.
LFO 1&2 - 2 LFOs dealing with modulation of the low-pass filter for all previously mentioned sections of the instrument. A wealth of modulation possibilities awaits!
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