Karma won't lower data speeds on unlimited plan, opts for 15GB monthly cap instead

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Android Central
Nov 30, 2015

Earlier this month, Karma announced it would be slashing data speeds for those on its unlimited plan as it worked to combat abusers of the network. The company is now announcing a different change to its unlimited plan, Neverstop, which will keep the data speeds the same, and instead it will just cap how much data can be used in a month. The cap will be set at 15GB, which is more data than most users hit in a month Karma notes.

Additionally, the company is offering to refund $1 for each gig of data that is not used by the user, similar to how Project Fi works on the billing end. Karma has reset everyone's data counter, so previous data usage will not count towards your 15GB of high speed connectivity. If you pass the 15GB of data, you'll still have a connection but it will just be much slower.

Source: Karma

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