Leader of Apple's 'Titan' car project is leaving the company


GSMArena News
The leader of Apple's rumored 'Titan' car project is leaving the company, according to a new Wall Street Journal report. Steve Zadesky, who also helped the company create the iPod and iPhone, has been leading the Cupertino-based company's car efforts for the last couple of years. The reason(s) behind Zadesky's decision are said to be personal, meaning his stepping down has nothing to do with his performance in his current role. The report, however, notes that he is still at Apple for now. The news comes nearly an year after the WSJ reported that the iPhone-maker is secretly working on an an electric vehicle that apparently looks like a minivan in its current form. While initially it was said that it would take several years to complete the project, the publication later reported that the company has sped up the work, and is now eyeing a 2019 shipment...