'League of Legends' music gets an EDM remix in 'Warsongs'


Joystiq News
Nov 13, 2015

Something about electronic dance music makes it the perfect soundtrack to League of Legends. Maybe it's that pounding bass. Maybe it's EDM's steady, rhythmic backbone. Maybe it's the energy inherent in EDM that makes it the soundtrack of choice for many of League's professional players, streamers, YouTubers and even Riot Games itself. Or, maybe it's simpler than all of that.

"League is just cool as fuck and so is EDM."

That's Marshmellow, one of the contributors on Riot Games' latest project, Warsongs, an album of 11 League of Legends tracks each remixed by high-profile or emerging EDM artists. It's available right now to download or stream in the US for free via Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, Google Play, iTunes and the League of Legends website.

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