'Legacy of the Beast' is an Iron Maiden RPG Releasing This Summer


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Dec 22, 2015
Iron Maiden and Roadhouse Interactive have just announced that they're working on a mobile RPG to release later this year: Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast. You'll play as Eddie in various forms all throughout the band's history, with different abilities for each Eddie. And of course, there will be Iron Maiden music, including some previously unheard live recordings of the band. Iron Maiden has explored the world of video games before, with the Ed Hunter game from 1999, and the game-themed video for "Speed of Light" from their latest album, in all its glorious metal video cheesiness:

Roadhouse Interactive is known for Warhammer 40K: Carnage [$6.99], and the whole Warhammer license is metal as hell already – I mean, Bolt Thrower's Realm of Chaos uses Warhammer artwork for its album cover – so they seem like a good fit to do an Iron Maiden game. Maybe you can play it while wearing your ED-PH0NES. As a metalhead, I'm excited, and I'm pretty sure forum moderator metalcasket died after hearing the news. This one's set to hit this summer.

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