LG G6 battery life


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Another installment in giving you what we have on the LG G6 as soon as we have it series is here, and it's a hot topic - battery life. The LG G6 is powered by a 3,300mAh battery - a significant upgrade over last year's G5 and its 2,800mAh. The G6 has a larger display, you'll counter, but the the battery capacity has been upped by 18% while screen area is just 8% more now. In fact, the G6 packs more juice than the V20 (3,000mAh), which has a larger display to light up - 5.7" in 16:9 is more area than 5.7" in 18:9, plus the V20 has that secondary screen on top. The G6's battery, however, is...


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