LG G6, G6+, Q6, and X charge are now Amazon Prime Exclusive phones, cheaper with ads


GSMArena News
The latest smartphone brand to join Amazon's Prime Exclusive program is LG. Starting today, you can order four LG handsets through this arrangement, where you pay less for devices but have to put up with ads on the lock screen. The LG G6+ can be yours for $499.99 in this system, the G6 is priced at $399.99, the Q6 costs $229.99, and the X charge is $149.99. Per Amazon's own calculations, you're saving $300 for the G6+, $238 for the G6, $70 for the Q6, and $50 for the X charge compared to the full retail pricing of these unlocked phones. Of course you may find them (a lot) cheaper elsewhere...