LG's "White Card" universal payments card reportedly set for March unveiling

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Android Central
Android Central
Nov 30, 2015

LG is said to be jumping into the universal payments card game with their new "White Card". The idea, as with startups Coin and Plastc, is to put all store your various magnetic strip cards on just one card, equipped with a small display, controls to switch cards, and a reprogrammable magnetic strip on the back — all packed into a credit card-sized package that's barely heavier or thicker than a single plastic card.

But this LG Pay White Card, at least in the leaked prototype form, appears to be taking a different route than Coin or Plastc — rather than a sealed 2-year battery (Coin) or 30-day battery with Qi wireless recharging (Plastc), the White Card will have external charging contacts (and thus a special cable or dock to charge it up). Additionally, like Plastc (but unlike Coin), the LG White Card appears to integrate six pin contact points for emulating EMV chips.

The LG Pay White Card is reportedly set of an unveiling at Mobile World Congress 2016 alongside the LG G5, though we don't have any word on when and where it will be available and how much we can expect it to cost.

Soruce: The Electronic Times; Via: Engadget

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