'Lifeline' Goes Free for the First Time


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
3 Minute Games' Lifeline [Free] has just gone free for the first time. This could be the new free app of the week right after Super Hexagon [Free], which will expire soon, or just a random freebie, but either way, it's well worth a download to check it out while it's free.

This interactive fiction game has you communicating with Taylor, an astronaut who's stranded in space which you must help try to survive in the midst of various existential threats. It's proved to be a pretty successful and influential game, spawning an unrelated sequel in Lifeline 2 [$0.99] and a direct sequel in Lifeline: Silent Night [$0.99]. It also inspired a similar game based on The Martian [$0.99]. The game's Apple Watch compatibility, and ability to be played just through notifications, makes it stand out among other interactive fiction games, and for free, why not give it a shot?

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