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Nov 30, 2015
Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been a popular topic of conversation as of late, and whether or not they're the future of banking and purchasing, they may still be a worthy investment for some right now. Development of your own cryptocurrencies or distributed applications can be a rather lucrative business to get into, but you need the knowhow to get started.

The 2019 Blockchain Developer Mastery Bundle is a series of eight courses to set you on the right track to learning Blockchain development from beginners' stuff to advanced development, like building cryptocurriences with JavaScript. These courses regularly retail for $842, but you can get then at Android Central Digital Offers for only $19, a savings of 97%.

You'll get the following courses in the Blockchain Developer Mastery Bundle:

  • Starting with Blockchain Technology for Developers
  • Fundamentals of JavaScript
  • Cryptocurrency Investing Master Class
  • Bitcoin Investing Fundamentals
  • Starting with the EOS Blockchain for Developers
  • Building Cryptocurrencies & Smart Contracts
  • Building Cryptocurrencies with JavaScript
  • Intro to the NEM Blockchain for Developers

So if you're looking to start a career in developing apps or cryptocurrencies using Blockchain or even if you're just a hobbyist, check out the 2019 Blockchain Developer Mastery Bundle at Android Central Digital Offers and get all eight courses for only $19.

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