Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4 now available in India


GSMArena News
Microsoft has launched the Surface Pro 3 and the (relatively) new Surface Pro 4 in India. The newer Surface Pro 4 will be available in three variants. The base version comes with Core i5, 4GB RAM, and 128GB flash storage and is priced at INR 89,990 ($1347). The second model upgrades the RAM and storage to 8GB and 256GB, respectively with the rest of the hardware being identical. It will cost you INR 120,990 ($1811). Lastly, the top of the line model comes with Core i7, 8GB RAM and 256GB storage and is priced at a hefty INR 144,990 ($2170). Meanwhile, the older Surface Pro 3 comes in a single variant with Core i3, 4GB RAM, and 128GB storage for INR 73,990 ($1107). The pricing of the Surface Pro 4 is roughly on par with the pricing of the 13-inch MacBook Pro in India and the hardware is roughly on par. However, the MacBook Pro comes with an integrated keyboard whereas the Microsoft requires you to spend INR 12,490 ($186) extra for the Surface Type Cover accessory. There's no doubt that the Surface is priced too high in India and on par with premium laptops. Unfortunately, it lacks the all important keyboard out of the box which would have made it a true laptop replacement instead of the overpriced tablet it is right...