'Mighty Battles' Adds FPS Elements to Lane-Based Strategy Games


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Hothead Games, the developer of the pretty popular Kill Shot games, is bringing a different kind of game to mobile devices on November 16th called Mighty Battles. Its developers see Mighty Battles as a new take on first-person shooting and lane-based arenas. As you can see from the trailer below, the game combines Clash Royale's lane-based gameplay with first person shooting, where you try and help your troops advance by taking out the opponent's troops. This is an interesting change to the Clash Royale (or other wave-based games) formula that should help keep players more involved. In a way, it's like you took Warfriends and turned it into a first- instead of third-person shooter and made all the units move along lanes.

How do you put your army together? As you would have guessed given the opportunity to do so, it's by collecting cards. There are 40 different units at the moment, spread between soldiers, vehicles, weapons, and base defenses. I'm glad to see that Mighty Battles is trying to be different than other lane-based games, but it remains to be seen how the first-person shooting part will be incorporated into the formula. The game is coming November 16 for iOS and Android. What do you think about Mighty Battles? Sound off in the comments.

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