Motorola invite suggests Moto 360 (2nd gen) India launch for December 1


GSMArena News
Motorola has sent out press invites for an upcoming event scheduled to be held in the Indian capital of New Delhi on December 1. While the star of the event has not been explicitly mentioned in the teaser (see below), there are enough hints for us to conclude that the new Moto 360 is landing in the country next month. The image of a circular watchface in the middle as well the #MotoTimeHack hashtag at the bottom are enough to give an idea that the company would be launching a smartwatch at the event, and no points for guessing that it would be the Moto 360 2nd Gen, which was unveiled at this year's IFA back in September. There is currently no information on what price tag the wearable device - which comes in two sizes for men and one for women - would carry in India. Over in the US, the smartwatch's cost varies from $299.99 to $429.99, depending on...