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What is the JVortex PS2?
JVortex is a software that coutain all games links of Playstation 2 avaible on the world.

How it works
You open the software, choose a game in the list. press download button, click in the filehost that you prefered and download directly. Without redirect or captchas.

JVortex Manager helps you organize your downloads. There are no ads, redirect or captchas. You simply click and donwload.

There are thousands of games in JVortex, how I can found what I looking for?
We created an advanced search system, you type the name of your game in the Search field, press the button and JVortex do the left.

I dont understand english very well, there are any solution?
Yes, we know that english is the language most speaked in the world but not everybody understand very well.
So we created JVortex with Multi-language for you enjoy the maximum way possible, so click in "Language" and choose what you preefer.

PS: If you found any translation wrong or inapropriate, tell us and we will fix it.

There are anything else?
Yes a lot, choose your prefered theme, see duplicates rom, add your games in Wish List and much more....

If a new game was released I will need download all the software again?
No it is not necessary, we created an auto update.
So when a new game was release a new update will be avaible too, so click in "Help - Update" and JVortex will be fine again.

System Requeriments:
Only that java has been installed.
PS: Not Working on Mac.


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I have a problem/doubt?
You can make your question here, we are always ready to help. However please read the F.A.Q before, proabably your question will be there.

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This sotware is amazing, what should I do if I liked this sofware
You can support us by giving any sugestion to make this software better, tell us if you found any bug or simply leaving a single reply saying thanks.

See our others JVortex too.

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