PC Murderous Pursuits Elimination v1.7.0 (2018) CODEX


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Murderous Pursuits Elimination v1.7.0 (2018) CODEX |Size: 7.11 GB
Release Date : 26 April 2018
Genre : the Action , Stealth , 3D
Developer : Blazing Griffin
Publisher : Blazing Griffin
Version : v1.7.0
Language : Multi
voice Language : English
Tablet : Is present ( CODEX)

Murderous Pursuits is a single-player and multiplayer stealth game for 1-8 players, in which you either kill you or kill you. Finding yourself in the Victorian era, deftly trace your victim and wait for the right moment to pounce on it. But be careful and do not give yourself away, because other players are hunting you!


Play alone or on a network with 1-8 players, both with individual options, and with terribly reasonable bots.
Hunt in four luxurious spaces aboard the Britannica, an advanced colonial ship traveling in time. Merge with idle passengers in the richly decorated music hall or arrange an ambush for the victim in the engine compartment.
Eight characters to choose from. Choose your favorite archetype and skin, then merge with the crowd to avoid exposure.
Master all five abilities. For each match, you can take only two abilities, so choose wisely.
Earn mercy. Mere killing will not bring you victory. Act prudently, arm yourself with a highly effective weapon, attack without delay, and dance on the lifeless body of your victim to earn Mr. X's supreme mercy.


Mount the image using disk emulators, or unzip it with a regular archiver.
Install the game by following the installation instructions.
The contents of the CODEX folder (on the image) are copied to the folder with the installed game.

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