My first day with OnHub didn't go well

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Android Central
Android Central
Nov 30, 2015

Google's OnHub routers are designed to be simple, and that makes them too simple for me.

I finally got around to looking at the ASUS OnHub router. Google wasn't lying when they say it's better looking than the Sputnik-inspired dual-band router with multiple external antennas and plenty of blinking things that I'm using now. I could see me putting this on the end table, where it would provide better reception in my house than it would tucked in the corner, behind the printer in my office. My wife wouldn't have any complaints, either. It looks more like a vase or a piece of fancy modern art than it does a network appliance. Good job, ASUS, Google and anyone else who helped design and build the thing.

But here we are, a day later, and I'm not using it.

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