Nest announces a slew of new products including a connected doorbell

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Nov 30, 2015

Nest wants to help you keep your own nest secure.

Nest has dipped into home safety before with its carbon monoxide detectors and home-monitoring cameras, but today, it's upping its game to new levels. The Nest Security event debuted several new products that want to help you keep your home secure and safe. From newer, tougher cameras to a complete home security system, Nest had plenty of eggs hatching onstage, and each has its own purpose.

There was a lot to unpack in today's announcement, so let's get started:

Your first line of defense. Introducing Nest Cam IQ outdoor. Weatherproof. Tamper-resistant. And seriously sharp. #NestSecurity #NestEvent

— Nest (@nest) September 20, 2017

The Nest CamIQ Outdoor is a more rugged, weather-proof, and tamper-resistant security camera that can help alert you to intruders. The HDR camera adapts to changing lighting conditions and the camera has face-recognition software to help you tell if that's your kid playing in the backyard or someone looking for some new toys in the tool shed. The IP66 rated camera retails at $350 by itself or $598 for a two-pack.

Know who’s knocking. Introducing the Nest Hello video doorbell. Coming early 2018. #NestSecurity #NestEvent

— Nest (@nest) September 20, 2017

Nest Hello is a smart doorbell that lets Nest take clear aim at Ring's little corner of the connected camera market. With 160 degrees of vision and a wedge to help set it according to your front door and front steps configuration, the Nest Hello can also ping you with photos of whoever walks up to your door, and if you subscribe to Nest's subscription, it can send even more alerts with constant monitoring. Nest Hello will be available in 2018 for an unreleased price.

Tough on bad guys. Easy on you. Introducing the Nest Secure alarm system. #NestSecurity #NestEvent

— Nest (@nest) September 20, 2017

Then we have the Nest Secure alarm system, with Nest Tag alarm disabler, Nest Detect home sensors for your windows and doors, and of course the Nest Guard alarm hub, which features the number pad for your alarm codes and motion sensors. The starter system (one Guard, two Tags, two Detects) costs $500, with additional Nest Tags and Nest Detect sensors being sold individually at $25 and $59 respectively. you can also bundle a CamIQ with the Nest Secure starter pack for $598. The whole system can also be controlled through the Nest app, and you can pay for a subscription for professional home monitoring through Moni, so that when your alarm triggers, it alerts more than just you.

Nest is making a serious push for home security with this system, and if you're looking to keep your home and the people who live there safe, the Nest system sounds like a relatively easy-to-use, easy-to-control system.

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