New Amazon Echo Plus has Zigbee smart home hub built in, priced at $149

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Nov 30, 2015
You can easily connect over 100 smart home devices to Amazon's newly announced Echo plus.

At a surprise press event on Wednesday Amazon unveiled the Echo Plus, the newest and most premium iteration of the company's famed tabletop smart home device.

The Echo Plus looks a great deal like the original Echo — tall, slender, dark plastic shell — which is an interesting choice given that it just updated the Echo's look with interchangeable covers to better match users' interiors. Internally, however, it's definitely upgraded: not only does it have all of the improved features of the new Echo (integrated Dolby sound, better voice recognition), it also has a Zigbee smart home hub built into it to better and more easily connect to a wider range of smart home devices.

Image credit: Geoffrey Fowler

When you're ready to connect your Echo Plus to your family of smart home products, all you have to do is say, "Alexa, discover devices." The Echo Plus is compatible with everything from locks to light bulbs, and won't need apps or skills in order to function. To really emphasize that point, Amazon is is shipping every Echo Plus with a Philips Hue light bulb so you can really maximize the use of your new device directly out of the box.

The Echo Plus is available for pre-order starting today and is priced at $149, which is a very good deal considering the original Echo was notably more expensive at launch.

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