New Shoot ‘Em Up ‘Plunder Kings’ from Goodnight Games Launching February 26th, New Trailer Released


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Dec 22, 2015
Last month we showed you the latest trailer for Plunder Kings, an interesting new shoot ’em up from developer Goodnight Games, makers of such titles as Malevolent Machines ($1.99) and Namaste Space Buffalo ($0.99). The really cool twist in Plunder Kings was its risk/reward mechanic. Basically you’d fight through wave after wave of increasingly difficult enemies, earning tons of loot along the way. At certain points you’d be able to cash out your winnings and end your run, or you could choose to forge on and play for even bigger and better rewards with the catch being that if you died you’d lose it all. In addition to that you’ll be able to bet your savings before a game on things like how many waves you think you can beat in order to try and gain even more loot. Or lose more loot, depending on how you did. This weekend Goodnight Games released a brand new trailer for Plunder Kings, and it’s still looking quite awesome.

As you can see, alongside this new trailer also comes a highly-anticipated release date, and Plunder Kings will be blasting off on both iOS and Android later this month on February 26th. It’s definitely been a long journey for a game that was originally supposed to launch in February of LAST year, but all that extra development time has been worth it in my opinion as Plunder Kings is looking much more polished than it did when it was originally announced in 2017. You can actually get a good idea on how it has progressed over the past couple of years by checking out the game’s discussion thread in our forums, and if you like the look of the above trailer then definitely keep an eye out for Plunder Kings when it launches in just a few weeks.

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