Nioh 2 has a new Tokyo Game Show 2019 trailer and early 2020 release window

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Nov 30, 2015

There's a new trailer for Nioh 2, released for Tokyo Game Show 2019. In it, players get a glimpse at a few of the difficult bosses they'll have to face.

What you need to know

  • Nioh 2 was first announced at E3 2018 and is being developed Team Ninja and published by Koei Tecmo.
  • A Tokyo Game Show 2019 trailer for the game was briefly uploaded on the PlayStation YouTube channel.
  • The trailer has been pulled but reuploads are still available.
  • You can grab the original Nioh for $20 on Amazon for PlayStation 4.

A trailer for Nioh 2 to coincide with Tokyo Game Show 2019 was briefly uploaded on the official PlayStation YouTube channel. The trailer has since been pulled, so it looks like it went live too early. Fortunately however, other reuploads are still available. You can check out the new trailer for Nioh 2 below:

In the trailer, we also finally get a release window: early 2020, though there's no specific date beyond that. Nioh 2 appears to continue the tight-paced, difficult action that the first game was praised for. This time around however, you can transform from a samurai into a Yokai - a monstrous, wrathful creature of immense power. Walking that tight balance between human and Yokai is part of the story and Team Ninja has teased we might even be seeing the realm of the Yokai as a visitable location. We'll be sure to share an update when we get an exact release date for Nioh 2.

Nioh 2 for PlayStation 4: Everything you need to know

The Yokai await


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