Nokia OZO VR camera now available for pre-order, if you have $60,000 to spend


GSMArena News
Post-phones Nokia is still looking for a new challenge and this July it introduced a new VR camera, the OZO. Yesterday, the camera became available for pre-order, though it's really, really not a consumer product - at least not the kind of consumer that doesn't have $60,000 to spend on a VR camera. No, there's no typo, there are five zeros in the price. You have to pay a $5,000 deposit to pre-order too. Even the docking station is a whopping $1,500. Okay, so it's clearly aimed at professionals and Nokia showed a demo of what the OZO can be used for. A concert on the roof of Capitol Records was livestreamed to attendees of the launch party, using a Samsung Gear VR and other headsets. The Nokia OZO boasts a total of eight lenses, each in front of a 2K x 2K sensor. Those cover a 360° x 180° viewing angle and produce a 3D image at 30fps with a 10 stop dynamic range and base sensitivity of ISO 400. There are eight mics to capture multi-directional sound too with 64dB S/N and 120dB max SPL. The camera records 8 channels of raw video and audio to a 500GB SSD. The final video can be composed at 8K x 4K resolution at 10-bit color depth. The camera has built-in Wi-Fi for wireless control, though that works only with OS X 10.10 Yosemite. The whole thing weighs 4.2kg (9.3lbs) with battery. I think I'll stick with Google's Photo Spheres for now, them I can afford. Thanks for the tip,...