Only a Month In and 'Heroes of Loot 2' is Looking Fantastic in this Early Video


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Dec 22, 2015
Do you guys remember Heroes of Loot [$1.99] from Orangepixel? It released way back in the fall of 2013 and was a super fast-paced, arcadey take on a dungeon crawler that was cranked up to 11, and it was super fun. Then, do you remember earlier this year when Orangepixel semi-announced Heroes of Loot 2 as a more traditional turn-based take on the first game? And THEN do you remember about a month later when Orangepixel nixed that idea and turned that turn-based game into what is now known as Space Grunts, and shelved Heroes of Loot 2 for the time being? Well if you don't remember any of those things, I've pretty much just refreshed your memory for you. Anyway, in case you hadn't heard Heroes of Loot 2 is officially back on, and for the past month Orangepixel has been posting development videos on their Youtube page showcasing early looks at the game. The latest came just prior to the weekend and shows how Heroes of Loot 2 is looking in its fourth week of development.

As you can see, while Heroes of Loot 2 returns to the real-time action of its predecessor, there's a major change in that you're controlling 4 characters at once with the ability to swap between them at will. Obviously the 4 characters all have unique abilities which will play into the various quests you'll complete in each dungeon in able to continue on down. Basically, there's only one way I can think to describe how I feel about Heroes of Loot 2: I want it now I want it now I want it now I want it now I want it now. Orangepixel has stated in our forums that they're shooting for release in March of 2016, but admit that is probably an overly-ambitious goal, so I guess we'll see. No matter the case Heroes of Loot 2 is looking amazing, and as always you can keep tabs on its development by following the forums, the Orangepixel Twitter, or their development blog.

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