Our ZenFone Zoom review unit included a weird version of Cards Against Humanity

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We're no strangers to promo material showing up with review units, but this one was too strange to not share. Our review box from Asus with the ZenFone Zoom came with a little owl figurine named Zenny and a card game called Zencredible Cards. The game is simple — place a white card with a black card with Zenny in front of whatever you are taking a picture of, and take that picture with the ZenFone Zoom.

It's also a totally shameless clone of Cards Against Humanity.

For the uninitiated, Cards Against Humanity is a game that pairs black situation cards with white context cards in an effort to be the most offensive or hilarious in the round. Obviously Asus isn't going to the same end goal here, but the layout couldn't be more clearly borrowed from this popular game.

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