Pandora's new Thumbprint Radio station is full of songs that have your 'thumbs up'

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Android Central
Android Central
Nov 30, 2015

Pandora, a popular streaming music service, has just added a new, and highly personalized, radio station to its lineup based on the history of each user. It's called Thumbprint Radio, and each subscriber will get a different list of songs, based on their history of giving the "thumbs up" to tracks on the service.

Pandora says that each users' Thumbprint Radio station will continue to change based on new tracks that users "thumb up", and it will also throw in some songs that the service thinks you will give your thumb of approval. Each person's station can also be shared with others. It will appear after a user has at least three stations with four "thumbs up" on each. This is similar to what the rival Spotify service does, as it also offers curated music for each user.

Source: Pandora

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