'PES Card Collection' Is an Interesting Take on Collectible Card Sport Games


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
Card collection elements in sports games aren't new; EA's FIFA games have made Ultimate Team, the mode where you build your teams by collecting cards, into an essential part of sports games. And, after Ultimate Team became a huge cash cow for FIFA, EA went on to add similar modes to other games. Now, Konami is taking the card collection craze to its PES franchise, but this one is different from EA's take on the formula. In PES Card Collection [Free], which has just launched today, you collect player cards from both national teams and leagues across the world and build the strongest team you can. However, you don't actually play the sport, like you do in FIFA; instead, you build the team and see the game played in 3D, a bit like sports manager games.

Konami is adding some interesting modes to the formula, like one where you and 10 other players each choose one card and build a team to go against 11 other players, an idea that could be quite fun. There are also plenty of missions to complete and solo online matches. And you can also use football-related emotes to mess with your opponents. The game is out now and is, of course, free-to-play.

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