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InfoRecall is a simple to use application, designed to facilitate the storage and sharing of various types of files or information. The data is stored in folders and subfolders, which makes it easily accessible, by any authorised user across an entire network. The purpose of this feature is to improve team communication and work efficiency.

Store multiple types of information
Whether you need to create a common space in which to share articles, documentation, technical tutorials, agreements, contacts, passwords or emails, InfoRecall can make the task easy. The application is a free-form information program, designed to facilitate data storage.

Easily drag-and-drop, paste, type or import information from other files, into the workspace, in InfoRecall. Each file is saved in a folder or subfolder and can be linked through hyperlinks or hypertext to websites or other instances from local projects.
Retrieving information is just as simple for local users as it is for remote stations. The software features a comprehensive searching engine, which allows you to quickly find any piece of information you need.

Emails, pictures, tables and other editing tools
InfoRecall allows you to insert elements such as images, tables, URLs or email addresses to any of the notes you store. You can create calendar entries, save contact details or save favorite documents to a separate location.
The Document Drawer is a window listing all the files stored within InfoRecall, which facilitates searching for files, copying, moving, erasing or managing duplicates. Moreover, you can export each file in PDF, text, RTF, HTML format or as ASCII document.

Data backup and recovery
InfoRecall allows you to quickly synchronize files from internal projects with local folders, a useful function if you need to work with the same files on multiple stations. Moreover, it allows you to create several backup archives, then save them on the hard disk, a USB drive or a cloud account.

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