Play Candy Crush Jelly Saga on your Windows 10 devices today


Nov 9, 2015
Candy Crush Jelly Saga for Windows 10 is here! You can download it from the Windows Store for free onto your Windows 10 PC, tablet or phone.

New Features

  1. 120 new Jellylicious Levels
  2. New Jelly Queen Boss Modes
  3. Marvelous game modes including: Spread the Jelly & Release the Pufflers
  4. Mesmerizing new Candies and more

For Candy Crush fans, 2016 is getting off to a delicious start. Candy Crush Jelly Saga for Windows 10 is a new title in the sugary franchise that adds 120 new levels, new candies, new characters and a whole new narrative to the classic matching game. The goal? Match candies to create Jelly and make it spread, all in hopes of defeating the evil Jelly Queen.

This Candy Crush comes with new game modes, too. Boss Mode lets you take turns playing head-to-head against the Jelly Queen – whoever spreads the most Jelly by matching the most candies wins the level. Puffler Mode has you cracking frosting to find these wriggling characters, but you’ll need to be thorough and you’ll have to be quick. Puffler Boss Mode brings the Jelly Queen into the action, spreading more frosting and making it that much more difficult to eradicate the Pufflers.

And there’s more: splendid new candies, a tasty new Bomb Lollipop booster and a dreamy treetop world above the Candy Kingdom that’s ready for you to explore. There are updates to more than just the gameplay, too: the in-game soundtrack was recorded by the Budapest Film Orchestra and includes a choir backing up the action. With 120 Jellylicious levels and a Jelly Queen ready to take on even the most determined, sweet-toothed players, this latest entry in the blockbuster Candy Crush franchise should have players switching and matching for hours of challenging fun.

Download Candy Crush Jelly Saga today for free to your Windows 10 PC, tablet or phone!

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