Podcasts could come to Google Play Music later in February

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Nov 30, 2015

It was announced back in October that Google Play Music would be adding podcasts to its lineup, and now it looks like that launch may be imminent. It now appears that podcasts will launch on Play Music at some point in February. This timeframe comes from sports podcaster Bill Simmons, whose podcast will be available on Google Play at launch.

FYI - the BS Podcast will be available on Google Play when GP launches its podcast platform later this month. https://t.co/mwWvuYyCTO

— Bill Simmons (@BillSimmons) February 2, 2016

While its not official, Simmons could be in a position to know. Just remember that Google has not announced a date itself for the launch of podcasts of Google Play Music, and such a launch may slip past February.

When then arrive, you'll be able to search for and play your favorite podcasts right in the Google Play Music app. Not only that, but Play Music will also make suggestions for new podcasts for you based on your interest or mood, just as it does now with music.

Source: Bill Simmons (Twitter)

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