[Poll] How do you feel about Samsung’s first notched smartphone?


We knew notched displays were coming to Samsung smartphones. Samsung revealed as much at SDC 2018. With the first official renders of the Galaxy M series being posted online today, we now have a clear idea of what Samsung’s first notched smartphone will look like.

Samsung held out for a couple of years. While many manufacturers were quick to adopt this trend, the Korean giant held its own. It’s also one of the first to adopt the pin-hole camera solution to avoid placing a notch up top. When a purported leaked panel of the Galaxy M20 surfaced many fans couldn’t believe it could be from a Samsung smartphone. They thought it was probably another Chinese notched device.

However, Samsung has been taking a beating in the affordable segment of the market. It’s now having to compete with the Chinese on their own terms. They have popularized cheap smartphones with large, notched displays so that’s what Samsung is doing with the Galaxy M.

So after a long time of trying not to jump on this bandwagon, Samsung is firmly on it with the Galaxy M and its Infinity-V display. How does that make you feel? Vote below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

How do you feel about Samsung's first notched smartphone?
  • I had hoped Samsung wouldn't give into this trend
  • It doesn't really bother me
  • I dislike that it looks similar to the Chinese phones
  • It was inevitable
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