[Poll] What do you find most frustrating about Samsung One UI


Samsung One UI has been under the spotlight ever since the company revealed it at its developer conference last year. It’s a beautiful interface that makes one-handed use easier on big-screen phones and introduces plenty of new features, and Samsung has also been pretty quick with releasing One UI through the Android Pie update for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9.

But One UI isn’t without its problems. Some of it seems to be a result of Samsung rushing to get the official update out the door. Examples include the missing Night mode schedule or the inability to record videos in the camera’s Pro mode. Some of it is deliberate, like the new app icons or the dedicated mode for video recording in the camera. Multi Window functionality has been nearly cut in half because Samsung decided to go with the stock Android implementation, and minor features such as the option to put App Pair shortcuts on the home screen aren’t available as well.

Just how much of Samsung’s new user interface is frustrating will depend from person to person. And in our poll today, we want to ask our readers what they find most frustrating about One UI. So go ahead and vote and then expand on your thoughts in the comments section. The poll options may not include every One UI annoyance, and if you find the thing that frustrates you isn’t on the list, be sure to tell us by leaving a comment.

What do you find most frustrating about One UI (Android Pie)?
  • New app icons
  • The overall look of the UI
  • Missing Pro mode video recording
  • Dedicated video recording mode in camera
  • Reduced Multi Window functionality
  • No Night mode schedule
  • No App Pair shortcuts on home screen
  • Nothing, it's fine in my opinion
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