'Prison Run and Gun' is a Spinoff of PC Game 'Hot Guns' that's Coming to iOS Next Month


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
A lovely little trailer rolled through our inbox and popped up in our forums today and it seems very much worth sharing. It's for a game called Prison Run and Gun, which is a spinoff of the PC game Hot Guns which is currently on Steam Early Access. Both games are pixel art platformers with a heavy emphasis on weapons and crazy action in a similar vein as the popular Broforce, but that's pretty much where the similarities end. Prison Run and Gun (and Hot Guns for that matter) is more geared as a puzzle platformer and it uses an interesting weight mechanic which affects your movement speed and jumping height depending on what weapon you're carrying, so you'll have to plan things accordingly.

While Prison Run and Gun looks really awesome, one thing I'm not totally clear on is what the major difference is between this and Hot Guns. Prison Run and Gun is described as a standalone expansion for Hot Guns and will be released for free to current owners of the game on Steam, and it sounds like developer Quantized Bit hopes to use the iOS version as a promotional tool to create awareness for Hot Guns. But like… why not just bring Hot Guns to iOS? I'm not going to think about it too hard, though, and I'm just stoked to check out Prison Run and Gun when it launches towards the end of February for the intro price of 99¢ with no IAP.

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