Protect and show off your Galaxy S6 with the Unicorn Beetle hybrid clear case

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Nov 30, 2015

The Unicorn Beetle hybrid case offers as much grip as it does protection for the Samsung Galaxy S6 while staying relatively clear.

As one of our favorite clear cases for the Galaxy S6, the Supcase Unicorn Beetle hybrid cover is more than your average hard case. It sports both a durable polycarbonate and TPU bumper that not only keep a clear design, but also do a great job at protecting against those grim impacts.

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The fused design of this clear cover makes it a slim option for its impressive level of protection. The raised lip around the front keeps the display of the Galaxy S6 from scuffing surfaces and both the volume and power buttons feature a TPU cover for an easier press. The cutouts at the bottom of the case leave plenty of room for the charging port, speaker, microphone, and headphone jack to be utilized without any issue. The bezel around the camera, heart rate monitor, and flash leave enough room for unhindered photos.

This particular color choice of the Unicorn Beetle series is the clear/clear option and is the closest to transparent as you can get with this model. That said, the case had more of a frosted appearance. The back of the phone was still easily visible, but didn't have that completely clear look that you'd find on something like the Ringke Fusion case.

Thanks to the low-profile design the Galaxy S6 in the Unicorn Beetle case still worked great with multiple wireless chargers. What I liked most about this clear cover is the amount of grip it provided. While the polycarbonate shell on the back was smooth, the TPU edging is where the texture lies — allowing a firm grasp around the Galaxy S6 that doesn't feel slippery at all.

Although the Unicorn Beetle hybrid cover wasn't 100% clear, I still found it to be an excellent case to protect my Galaxy S6 while showing off aspects of its design. I'm not a fan of bulky cases and was pleasantly surprised at how slim it was compared to the images online. And, if clear isn't your color of choice there are 5 other colors to choose from.

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