Public Access' time is done, but a better Engadget community awaits


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It's been just shy of two years since we unveiled Public Access, our grand experiment in community contribution. In that time, we've seen some excellent stories published on the platform by you, and we are grateful for those efforts. Today, however, we are moving the Engadget community in a new direction and will be shutting Public Access down this Thursday, March 9th. For those of you in the community, you can rest assured your contributions aren't going anywhere -- the links to your stories will remain live and shareable, even though your profile pages will disappear. That said, we will be removing all site navigation to Public Access stories, so you need to copy the links to your stuff if you want to be able to read and share them moving forward. And, if you have any questions, just email publicaccess at engadget dot com, and we'll answer them!

While your Public Access profile will be no more, you can (and should)
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that'll let you continue contributing to the Engadget community by submitting comments and gadget reviews. We've got some new features (including new and improved profile pages) planned for our community that are coming soon, so sign up, tell us what you think, and enjoy the ride!

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