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QuartzCode 1.59 macOS | 8 MB
QuartzCode is a fast, lightweight, powerful animation tool which generates Objective-C and Swift code for iOS and OS X on-the-fly. It's the quickest way to learn and master Core Animation, and lets you experiment with complex animation without coding skills. With 6 layer types and more than 25 animatable properties, the animation possibilities are limitless.

Main Features
- Tremendously save time. Create drawing and animation and get Objective C or Swift code in real time.
- Create vector drawing using tools provided or use existing assets from SVG or images.
- Supports more than 25 animatable properties, combine to create stunning animations!
- Ability to reverse and change animation progress using code generated.
- Utilizes familiar Core Animation properties to reduce learning curve.
- Edit and tweak animation in real-time.
- Readable and easy to modify generated code.
- The best and quickest way to learn and master core animation.

Animatable Properties
- position, z position, transform (rotate, scale and translate)
- fill color, gradient, opacity, hidden, shadow, mask, path
- stroke color, stroke start, stroke end, line width, line dash phase
- font size, foreground color,
- instance delay, instance count, instance transform, instance color, instance color offset

- Similar animation model to Core Animation.
- Easily create keyframe animation, modify and tweak them using Timeline Panel.
- Combine or sequence multiple animations.
- Use linear timing functions, ease in, ease out or create custom timing functions using graph provided to enrich your animation.

Generated Codes
- Generate iOS/OSX Objective C and Swift code in real time.
- Change between iOS and OSX code with a click.
- Drawing code is generated by using CALayer and its subclass.
- Support Core animation and UIView block based animation code.

- Copy selected shape or animation codes by CMD + C.
- Copy NSTextField, UILabel or UITextView code declaration from Text Layer.

- Create variety of shapes from basic shapes provided.
- Use vector, pencil and boolean operations to create more advanced shapes.
- Edit shapes using vertex mode and transform mode.
- Apply color or gradient to shapes.

- Create replication effects of its sublayers with or without animation.
- Sublayers can be any other layers such as shape or emitter.

- Particle systems in QuartzCode.
- Use multiple emitter cells in an emitter layer.
- Each emitter cell can have its own image and properties.

- Chain multiple animations to sublayers with delay effect.
- Combine keypath properties to produce complex and beautiful animation.
- Use delay order to change order of sublayers animation.
- Also useful to animate text glyphs individually.

Requirements: macOS 10.9 or Later

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