Robot Fighting Game 'Stellar Arena' Looking for Testers


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
What is it about huge robots smashing each other that gets most gamers all giddy? Just have metallic behemoths punch and blast each other, and we are happy. Stellar Arena, an upcoming PvP robot brawling game, hopes to scratch that robot-crushing itch, and you can help make the game better starting tomorrow. The game will have 4 players competing against each other in real time with a camera view that looks a lot like Super Smash Bros Brawl. However, the game tilts more towards traditional fighting games. While the game only has a battle royale mode at the moment, it should get a team battle mode in the future. And, as you would expect from a game like this one, you get to upgrade your robot and make them cooler as you go along.

Speaking of robots, Stellar Arena has some really cool robots you can pilot, some of them massive and some of them more nimble. The developers have also included sketches in our forums so you can see the design process behind these pretty cool behemoths. The developers are getting ready to open their closed beta test, so if you want to join the robot-smashing party, head over to our Upcoming Games forum thread and sign up.

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