'Rust Bucket' Gets 10 New Levels and Revives in Latest Update


iPhone Gaming
iPhone Gaming
The incredibly fun and well-designed Rust Bucket [Free] by Nitrome was just missing one thing in my estimation, as I said in my review: more fixed levels to play with once you beat the quasi-tutorial's 10 levels. And more were indeed teased through a locked menu on the screen, but they were not to be had quite yet. Thankfully, the teased level pack is finally here, and Rust Bucket has 10 additional levels to play through. These introduce new mechanics, but because you're also playing with things that you've already messed around with, you'll be mixing old knowledge with new. The new levels are pretty challenging, and it's worth jumping back into this update.

As well, the endless mode now has a continue system. If you've bought the remove ads IAP, then you get one free life per game that you otherwise would have to watch a video ad for. Otherwise, those coins you've been earning? Those go toward another extra life. They make the endless mode a little less frustrating to play through as you can now make a mistake and keep going. The update is out now.

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