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Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package (2011) PC | Repack by xatab |Size:5.04 GB
Year of release : 2011
Genre : 3rd Person, Action , Shooter
Developer : Volition
Publisher : Deep Silver
Publication type : Repack
Interface language : English, MULTi
Language of voice acting : English
Medicine : Not required {DRM-Free}

The third part of the famous action about street gangs.

For many years in the city of Stillwater (Stilwater), everything that can be done is managed by the group "Saints from Third Street" (Third Street Saints), or simply "Saints". And for some time the name has become a trademark. In the assortment of any shop there are candy bars "Saints", energy drinks "Saints" and dolls-dolls Johnny Gatt (Johnny Gatt). "Saints" are the kings of Stillwater. However, the gang was interested in much stronger worlds. The powerful criminal organization "Syndicate" (Syndicate), enveloping the whole world with its tenacious tentacles, decided to subjugate the "Saints" and demanded payment of a considerable amount.

Saints Row: The Third delivers the Saints gang into your hands at the height of their power. Your task is to give a fitting rebuff to the Syndicate and strengthen its influence. The standoff will begin at Steelport, a once thriving major business and cultural center, and now a city in decline. The state of affairs in Steelport is such that it is quite possible to take possession of it. Of course, if you act thoughtfully and tough.
Model the situation on your own. Enter the uniforms for the "brothers" - you want classic costumes, and you want - awesome clothes. Make decisions that will forever change both the "Saints" and all Steelport. Now it is your city. And your word is law!

Game features :
On the top. Try the power of taste and make sure that there is nothing better and sweeter.
Sin City. Prevent any actions of the Syndicate in all areas of criminal activity, whether it be arms trafficking, cybercrime or prostitution. Reveal all the secrets of Steelport - cities where something is constantly happening, and any event can be a turning point for the better or - more likely - for the worse.
Almighty weapon. One helps get rid of the enemy once and for all. The other is to humiliate and dishonor him. Hovercrafts, devices for launching a "cannonball man" and sex toy fights are all part of the fun.
Joint madness. Parachute jumping naked and landing in a flaming friend pick-up, suicidal raid on the Syndicate brothel, teeming with armed thugs, at your service any, the craziest, "rides." Steelport is a great place to have fun with a bosom friend.
Any whim. Ninja? Pirate? Or a pirate ninja? Or maybe a naked pirate ninja? Yes, anyone! The Initiation Station editor allows you to create absolutely any character and share it with other users or download their creations.

System Requirements:
Operating system : Windows 7/8/10
Processor : Intel® Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon ™ X2
RAM : 1 GB
Video Card : GeForce 8800 Series, Radeon HD 3800 Series
Free hard disk space : 9.20 GB


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