Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 8 ad is about falling in love


Samsung has always positioned the Galaxy Note 8 as a productivity behemoth. It’s not difficult to see why. The handset has a large display with specific software features aimed at enhancing productivity. It comes with the S Pen stylus which aids in productivity as well. However, Samsung’s latest ad for the Galaxy Note 8 is about something else entirely.

Titled “I Love You,” the ad is about falling in love or how the Galaxy Note 8 can help you along that path. It highlights Live Message, a new software feature that Samsung introduced with the Galaxy Note 8.

Live Message is a new way to communicate using the S Pen. The feature is similar to Apple’s Digital Touch handwriting tool but isn’t restricted to one app. Live Message can provide a blank canvas for users to doodle on or they can use any image on their device and add a personal touch to it.

It lets users create 15-second handwritten notes and drawings that are transformed into GIFs. The GIFs can then be shared using any app that supports them such as WhatsApp, Twitter, WeChat and more.

The Galaxy Note 8 was released by Samsung last week. It will gradually be available in more markets across the globe in the coming weeks.

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