Samsung Galaxy A (2016) series gets 11 exclusive TouchWiz themes


GSMArena News
Samsung launched 11 exclusive TouchWiz themes for the Galaxy A (2016) phones. This means if you own a Galaxy A3 (2016), Galaxy A5 (2016), Galaxy A7 (2016), or Galaxy A9 (2016) - there are quite a few new original themes waiting for you. It's been about a year since Samsung added theme support on its proprietary TouchWiz launcher, and most of the new Galaxies are coming with a few preinstalled themes. But it seems the manufacturer wants to increase the interest to the theme support, particularly on the refreshed Galaxy A smartphones. The 11 new TouchWiz themes are available for download in the store on all compatible Galaxy A phones. If you own one of these handsets, you may want to check it for yourself. The new themes are stylish, but similar, and rely on different colors instead of completely different visual elements. Check them...